As an artist with a Bachelors in Fine Art degree, 
I found no artistic medium made me light up like henna.

I started my path with the new age community in the 1980's in Art school, Omega Institute, started a yoga practice and shopped at local health food stores. I was into all things vintage and recycled, and fell in love with Krishna Das and chanting and Neem Karoli Baba. I even had the opportunity to record with him on several CD's. 
I came across henna art in 1997. And while retreat with a Sufi/spiritual dance teacher, Zuleikah, she read the poem by Rumi that contained the lines..."Follow That which Has the Sweetest Perfume"....sooooo I kept those things I truly loved in my life and one of them was henna.
Before it was a thing I had a henna booth at craft fairs and festivals, I would have to educate people what henna was. I did years of library programs,  wrote a book and ran a round to parties every weekend doing henna from local kids to 
NYC celebrity events.
I opened a shop in 2008 after popular demand from clients
 for a shop location. Well it turned into a henna lounge loaded with clients seeking henna art and designs and though the trend has faded, the expanding crystal inventory was slowly taking over as I was morphing into a crystal attic....and that part of the shop moved to the forefront, and after lockdown, so many people started seeking out crystals that I took out the henna lounge area and had to let it go to crystals, crystal jewelry and tarot decks and sage demand! 

I noticed along time ago, people smile and brighten up after they get a henna tattoo...and so...we still offer it but at our new Oyster Bay location...we have more space to sit down, and  supplies there as well.

Welcome to Henna Happiness!

Art can be fun and enjoyable 
as well as uplifting and healing.

We recommend an appointment,
so we will be ready for you.
 so just give a call!

Designs start at $30 session minimum. 
Group or individual.

Designs last 7 days up to 3 Weeks, 
On average, 10 days to Two weeks..

Available in Traditional Henna Brown 
Or Safe Jagua Black 

Call or Text today!
We can offer same day availability.

631-935-2714 call/text

copyright Henna Happiness
 1997- 2019
​We can copy your favorite internet design or create a new one for you.  

 Latest crop of henna from 
Rajasthan/ Northern India is mixed fresh at our shop with spring water and essential oils.

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Care instruction/repeat customer card with every visit,