As an artist with a Bachelors in Fine Art degree, I found no artistic medium made me light up like henna.

I started my path with henna art in 1997.
Before it was a thing I had a henna booth at craft fairs and festivals, and would have to educate people what henna was. I did years of library programs,  wrote a book and ran a round to parties every weekend doing henna from kids parties to celebrity events.
I opened a shop in 2008 after popular demand from clients for a shop location.

I noticed along time ago, people smile and brighten up after they get a henna tattoo...and so...

Welcome to Henna Happiness!

Art can be fun and enjoyable 
as well as uplifting and healing.

We recommend an appointment,
so we will be ready for you.
 so just give a call!

Most designs cost $15 to $50

Designs last 7 days up to 3 Weeks, 
On average, 10 days to Two weeks..

Available in Traditional Henna Brown 
Or Safe Jagua Black 

Call or Text today!
We can offer same day availability.

is a gel that lasts for the day
We also offer waterproof tattoo paint 
that lasts for several days.

631-935-2714 call/text

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copyright Henna Happiness
 1997- 2018

We can copy your favorite internet design or create a new one for you.  

 Latest crop of henna from 
Rajasthan/ Northern India is mixed fresh at our shop with spring water and essential oils.

Pics on Instagram

Care instruction/repeat customer card with every visit,