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All Photos are taken with actual clients...
copyright 1998-2015 
HennaHappiness & Trudy Pellegrino
all writing and photos protected by COPYRIGHT. 
Henna lasts @10 days.
and up to 3 weeks. FAQ
It costs on average, $10 - $40

 Organic Fresh Mixed Henna & 'Safe' Black Jagua also lasts
and wears like henna.

Care instruction/repeat customer card with every visit, and the 2nd DAY Color GUARANTEE.

Drawing down the Henna mud... 
for Long Island since 1997 ...

We have adorned thousands of people every year at Festivals, Parties and Classes...and at our Shop.

to make a reservation today.


Make an appointment today for a consultation with our professionally certified Jyotish Astrologer.
This is the authentic astrological system
 from India.

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Planetary Updates:
MAY 12 Update:
Jupiter remains strong and supportive.
We have MArs-Saturn opposition in the Scorpio/Taurus Axis. This can put somethings in a tight hold, as we may be dealing with some frustrations, and on the 17th mercury starts its retrograde motion which means we may have some delays and mix ups to watch for. Especially as it retrogrades thru the Mars Sun conjunction as we head toward the end of the month. Anger issues still loom so tread easy, and breathe. Don't bang your head about it- it will pass, but have some patience, it might take til mid July to resolve itself.

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just off  NY AVE/RTE 110...By the Paramount, Radio Shack, Besito, Red and Fad
​We have some changes to regular store hours for May 2015:


established 1997
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