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These are the Vedic Astrology or
 the True Sidereal Times
where the Sun really was 
when you were born... 
....check out your "real"
Sun sign. This could come as a surprise to some, as your sign may be different than what you knew! Yes most western astrology is 24 degrees off from real sky time. It is locked into a repeating seasonal calendar 

Aries April 14th - May 13th
Taurus May 13th - June 14th
Gemini June 15th - July 15th
Cancer July 15th - August 16th
Leo August 16th - September 16th
Virgo September 16th - October 16th
Libra October 16th - November 15th
Scorpio November 15th - December 15th
Sagittarius December 15th - January 14th
Capricorn January 14th - February 13th
Aquarius February 13th - March 13th
Pisces March 13th - April 13th

​Astrology with Trudy

call or text
some same day appointments available 

This reading is based off the study of Jyotish, the astrology of India.
It is insight to gain a better understanding of what happened in the past, current challenges, and future transits so that one can become clearer in where they are at and get perspective on timing of events.

​mini 45 half 75 full 150

Our resident Astrologer can offer you a reading
 based on her study of 
Jyotish (astrology from India) fused with her 
background in Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Philosophy,
Bhakti Yoga and Western Astrology.
A reading can offer insights showing timing of events, 
work, financial, health and relationships- 
all the things life is made of.  
It covers Indian astrology's Dashas,  
mangala, and nakshatras,
 planetary transits, drawing on past transits to see what your coming out of, and current ones to see where your at and future ones to see where your going.
Each reading includes a free 
crystal to remedy your chart.