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These are the Vedic Astrology or
 the True Sidereal Times
where the Sun really was 
when you were born... 
....check out your "real"
Sun sign. This could come as a surprise to some, as your sign may be different than what you knew! Yes most western astrology is 24 degrees off from real sky time. It is locked into a repeating seasonal calendar 

Aries April 14th - May 13th
Taurus May 13th - June 14th
Gemini June 15th - July 15th
Cancer July 15th - August 16th
Leo August 16th - September 16th
Virgo September 16th - October 16th
Libra October 16th - November 15th
Scorpio November 15th - December 15th
Sagittarius December 15th - January 14th
Capricorn January 14th - February 13th
Aquarius February 13th - March 13th
Pisces March 13th - April 13th
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