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Trial Run Tattoos...Professional Body Painting 
At Henna Happiness our Professional Artist can help you with a many design point of views, and will help you be clearer on your next tattoo.

We can help cover your scars from old tattoos, surgery or accidents -
with excellent results in your attitude!

We offer body painting to add some life to your costume, 

Its Bad Luck to get your lovers name tattoed- so
adorn yourself for your Sweetheart using our many temporary tattoo options.

Some folks get a temporary tattoo because or health issues or family issues- 
you can't get a real one...
​this will satisfy the desire for a real tattoo, and help make
 you wiser about tattoo decisions in the future.
​Call with Any Questions!

Paste staining skin, overnight into Henna Color.
lasts about 10 days-2weeks
Bonds into the top layers of skin
gently exfoliating with time.

Trial Run Tattoos...
Jagua Gel  
Black/Blue in color
Safe Natural Fruit Gel...
Turns color overnight
 Wears like Henna...
lasts about 10 days- 2weeks
Bonds into the top layers of skin,
exfoliates in time.
safe alternative to "black henna"
 this does not contain PPD 
Professional Temporary Tattoo
  Hand Paint "10 Day" waterproof Paint, Full Color or Black-
Ready to go Day of! Costumes.
Removes anytime with 
Rubbing Alcohol. Good Scar Cover.
Waterproof Professional Theatre Paints
These paints apply quicky and are great to create a costume for a for a one night party.
Washes with soap and water.