Henna Happiness
Crystal & Sage Boutique
Huntington Village NY 11743

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Right off NY Ave(ROUTE 110),
 South of the Paramount Theatre,
turn at the corner of East Carver 
​t-mobile store on the corner (formerly radio shack)
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Crystal And Sage Boutique

Namaste and welcome.
Henna Happiness opened in July 2008 
at the location at 6 East Carver Street.

We offer professional henna art, 
(our artist has a Fine Art degree and 
has been doing henna since 1997)

Ask about how we can help you or 
your loved ones gain balance and healing with our intuitive 
Crystal Remedy recommendations.

Our resident Astrologer can offer you a reading based on her study of 
Jyotish  (astrology from India) fused with her 
background in Western Astrology.
A reading can offer insights showing timing of events, 
work,  financial, health and relationships- all the things life is made of.  
It covers  Indian astrology's Dashas,  mangala, and nakshatatras,
 planetary transits,   drawing on past transits to see what your coming out of, and current ones to see where your at and future ones to see where your going.
Each reading includes a free 
crystal to remedy your chart.
check on FB for astrology updates 

We carry ethically sourced crystals, 
the freshest sage and Palo Santo
aromatherapy clearing sprays
Sterling and crystal Jewelry,
  inspirational merchandise, 
henna art
henna supplies, 
 Full selection of tarot decks
crystal bracelets
sterling silver crystal rings
and crystal pendants. 
Jyotish Astrology readings,
Angel card readings,
Hindu Deity Statues, 
Import Clothing and Bags from
 Nepal, India and Thailand, 
prayer cloths
108 prayer beads
Essential Oils
Clearing sprays and Attar Blend Oils
Vibrational and Color Healing
Crystal Singing Bowls
Singing Bowls from Nepal
 and many more Arrivals!



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